Heal Your Heart with Haikyuu

Say hi to Haikyuu (ハイキュー), best animation (for my little heart) in 2020. To be honest, I watched this for 3 times and it’s still not enough. As we all know, Haikyuu is a volleyball animation from Japan. It isn’t particularly focuses on volleyball rules, but on friendship and how ones fight for their dreams. Bless my tiny heart for Hinata, my strongest spiritual son, that this animation is widely recognised (Mommy is so proud of you 😢)

Hinata is definitely my most favourite character. He tried so hard to achieve his dream to be in the volleyball field. He truly saved my soul. I love how hardworking Hinata is. I couldn’t imagine myself getting all the negative words like he did. As well as Kageyama who seemed to be so perfect and heartless about other’s feelings. I have to admit that I couldn’t understand what was in Kageyama’s head in my first time watching… I understood him and found my true destiny after my 2nd. (also after me trying to read reviews on twitter and manga. His past story isn’t showed up yet in the anime. Please wait for that guys!)

Friendship is (I personally think) the most unique role in Haikyuu. I love how Hinata can become friend with everybody, even his opponents love him! 😂 It’s so funny to see how each members can get along with Nekoma team especially Yamamoto and Tanaka. In the end of Haikyuu, Hinata and Kenma became such as supportive friend too, I am again blessed.

If you haven’t watch them fighting to be the top team of high school volleyball in Japan, I highly recommend you to. Don’t worry if you aren’t a sport person because that’s me. What I do for my exercising is walking, thanks. There will be instructions and rules during the animation anyway. Lastly, you can find them on Netflix. The latest one is not coming on Netflix yet, but I think they’re available on other platforms. (Unfortunately, I heard some of the Haikyuu fandom say that the latest one is not as impressive as the earlier seasons. I guess I will wait until it comes on Netflix and will definitely give it a review!)

Let me show a little bit of Jump magazine guys! It’s my first time buying books directly from Japan. The posters are awesome! I plan to buy the manga too, but money is still in process..

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