(Anime Review) When Love Is Too Hard to Confess in Kaguya-sama: Love is war

What Kaguya-sama: Love is war is about? Let me tell you about this romantic comedy anime a little! The story started by Shirogane and Kaguya, a president and a vice president of student council, are secretly in love with each other. However, they could not admit themselves to confess first! Because of this uneasy confession situation, they hilariously started critical emotional games that could possibly lead to confession.

The two main lead characters have absolutely done a perfect job, well-designed in both personalities and background life stories. In each episodes, Shirogane and Kaguya always figure genius methods out to defeat each other in this love war. As I watched through all the two seasons, I think the earlier episodes focus on winning the confession. However, the latter episodes in season one and two concentrates more on their true feelings and other characters’ stories. In the second season, the two lovebirds start showing blushed faces and sweet conversations, which obviously reveal their romantically feelings towards each other.

Instead of only focusing on lead characters’ loving circumstances, other members of student council have their own background stories. A good example to talk about is Ishigami (dark blue hair guy). Shirogane counts on him very much which I have assumed in the first place that he must be a good guy. Even so, I was quite ambiguous to see him all alone and exclude from other students. But, the answer is revealed in season two. I got to know the reasons why. Definitely, I became more and more impressed and love this anime so much.

Lastly, we can’t skip Chika (pink hair cute girl). Most of the animation I watch, I haven’t seen much of female protagonist’s friend acting as a supportive peer to the male protagonist. Some of them somehow rather fall in love with the male lead characters and eventually have a serious conflict with the female protagonists. When I think about this complicated anime plot, I want to close my eyes and perceive nothing because it hurts me so much. Anyway, this won’t happen here! No bestie drama! No conflicts! Chika acts as a very helpful and funny companion in the story, not as a cupid though. During the loving scenes, she is designed to humorously interrupt the unofficial couple which makes me unstoppably laugh.

(Here is Chika as a mother of Shirogane. She has been training our boy to play volleyball and dance Soran Bushi!)

I watched the whole two seasons within 2 days… First, to release stress that I don’t really have. I just needed an excuse to procrastinate university assignments. Second, I watched the first episode and I laugh my ass off. I kept pressing the ‘next episode’ button on Netflix. Lastly, I must inform you that Kaguya-sama: Love is war has been actually published first as manga. If you can’t wait for the next season, which I’m unsure it will be made or not, manga version is available for you to grab!

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