Adam Silvera: They Both Die at the End — Review

Two teenagers are alerted by the Death-Cast, who calls to inform Deckers about their dying. All Deckers have less than 24 hours to fulfill their End Days after the calls. Some are fortunate enough, getting more time than the others to farewell. For some, the grim reapers are hastily chasing for their souls, and they leave without a goodbye. Mateo Torrez has been living his entire life in the shadow, unfulfilled and anxious to socialize. At the same time, Rufus Emeterio has been sinking into painful haunting memory of his family past incident, yet he’s fearless and truly courageous to live his life. On the Last Friend App, they both meet. Rufus opens up Mateo’s eyes to the lively world which Mateo has been putting it behind. Mateo gets his last chance to be who he always meant to be, with the recent person of his best people on earth , whom he wishes the clock would stop ticking for once.

❁ My Personal Point of View ❁

The book is slightly depressing for me, apparently because it’s about dying which I primarily acknowledged from the moment I decided to purchase it. The story is sweet and makes you beam because of these two people. Mateo is a gorgeous soul whom I’d like to be friend with and play silly games together. Rufus is also the one who’d come up to you and encourage your little bravery to live your life. Throughout my reading time, I felt as if I was Lidia and the Plutos, Mateo and Rufus’s best friends. The more you turn each page, the more intimacy you gain with them, and it’ll ultimately make you feel like you’re losing your friends too. Because of the great sentiment between the two characters and me, the story didn’t hit me to grieve at all until the last chapter which has gotten quite emotionally intense. Both of them don’t try to spend their last chance desperately. Instead, they begin their journey, adventurously explore everything, and engrave their last humorous laughs in everyone’s hearts. I didn’t try to get the lessons learned or moral story from the book at all. I was only rooting for them, and wished the best for them to finally LIVE THEIR LIVES.

The only part that is fairly ambiguous to me is the ending. It can be ironically assumed from how the story has been told, and I genuinely love the way the writer beautifully wrote the ending. There’s just a tiny bit of expectation from the deepest of my heart that it would be great too if it was written clearer. The language use is intelligible. There’s not much concern if English is not your first language like me. The vocabulary are in the average level and solely requires you to look up for some words.

Personal Rating: 5/5 (I’m typically not a persistent reader when it comes to novel. But this one has captivated me all along its journey.)

Recommendation Level: Highly Recommend!

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