(J-Drama) Daddy is My Classmate: What I Like About This Series

Daddy is My Classmate (親バカ青春白書) is a Japanese TV series launched in 2020. The leading actors are Muro Tsuyoshi who performed an outstanding role in From Today, It’s My Turn and Nagano Mei. Muro acted as Obika Taro, an overprotective dad towards his daughter, Obika Sakura, acted by Nagano Mei. This series is truly heartwarming, but the majority is hysterically amusing.

The story starts off by showing Sakura checking on the administration announcement board. Obika, her dad standing beside her, expresses his overflowing happiness. But who knows, it isn’t merely a tear of joy for his daughter administration. Instead, it’s a scream of triumph for his own sake for being able to pass the test and to begin his university life again!

No doubt, Sakura is a little bit surprised that her dad wants to enroll with her. She might not consider this a strange situation, BUT HER OTHER CLASSMATES DO. It’s hilarious at this point to see their reactions when Sakura introduces Obika as her father. Absolutely, her friends think that Obika is overprotective like wrapping Sakura in the cotton wool.

❁ Obika has proved to us that his overprotectiveness has no difference than other parents’ ways of showing love.

The word ‘overprotective’ can be defined in varied meanings depended on each individuals. In Obika’s definition, he only wants to ensure that his daughter is safe from all the risks and uncertainty. He has been living with Sakura alone for over 10 years, so he considerately wants to give Sakura the best as much as he could.

However, there are some behaviors of Obika that I find inappropriate even though it’s funny on the series such as setting GPS of Sakura. The story portrays this as Obika’s love and care towards Sakura because he is able to help her and Hiroko at the club just in time. In real life, if my parents behaved the same thing as Obika, I would feel very awkward and sense the lack of freedom.

Obika’s Attitude towards fame and love as an adult.

Obika is a fiction writer. He has experienced the peak of fame in his career which steadily fell down afterwards. Negoro, one of Sakura’s friends, wants to be successful in his Youtuber career. Obika guides him and mostly warns him the pros and the cons of embracing fame. For this part, the series will reveal how Negoro handles his issues by having Obika’s backup.

Not only with Negoro, but Obika’s friendship with all Sakura’s friends grown up considerably. It depicts like a full-of-experience father giving life lessons to his four children living alone in Tokyo. I have to admit that his lessons are very wholesome.

Available Platform: Netflix

Rating From June: 8.5/10 ( I honestly has a penchant for this series. It’s heartwarming and comedic at the same time.)

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