My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Review

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is the third movie launched in 2021 among the other two released MHA’s movies. This time, the top heroes in Japan along with U.A.’s students are assigned to work overseas and search for the hidden bombs placed by the Humarise, the new villain affiliation. The three interns under Endeavor’s agency: Deku, Shoto, Bakugo are stationed in Otheon. While Deku is chasing after a suspicious briefcase assuming it contains the secret of Humarise’s terrorism, he met Rody Soul, a new main character in this MHA movie.

With the chasing chaos, Deku is reported nationwide as a murderer. Rody, receiving Deku’s help to evade from the police, sticks with Deku to remain his safety until the Humarize’s confidentiality is exposed.

The character that has unexpectedly stole 70% of my attention is Rody although I was initially aiming to cheer my son, Deku, in the theater. Well, I thought Rody could have been an extra character when I first took a look the trailer. It turned out that Rody is a unique guy with a gorgeous heart in Otheon. Despite his haunting childhood memory, Rody has grown up very well by his own. His past and kindness towards his siblings urged me to keep an eye on him. He got along so well with Deku, and because of this, I enthusiastically want Rody to show up sometimes in the anime series. 

Rody’s character design is somehow fit magnificently with his personality, especially with Pino, his little pink bird. The mangaka is brilliant for merging Rody’s soft personality and his quirk together. In fact, I think all MHA characters are unbelievable in terms of character design. It’s still mind-blowing for me to think how the mangaka has come up with such distinctive designs for each individual. 

Apart from Rody, our U.A. heroes have accelerated their powers considerably. Each time the three musketeers used their quirks, you won’t believe me how much I was proud of them as if I gave birth to them myself. If I could shout, “that’s my boy!” in the cinema, I definitely wouldn’t have hesitated. With the flow of intense animation and transition, the three musketeers didn’t look like high school students, but pro heroes. In this movie, Deku proved to us that Blackwhip, his recent activated quirk, isn’t just only an acquaintance to him anymore. He used it as if the quirk is his greatest friend. 

Unlike the second movie, it was a shame that we weren’t get to see the rest of U.A. students that much in this third movie, but it’s reasonable enough as the main setting is in Otheon. I’m literally a fan of Uraraka, so I’d been looking forward to seeing her more. But seeing all the students in the opening scene, oh my goodness, my ecstasy almost leaked out of my eyes. Thankfully I wore a glass. However, I sort of like this Otheon setting though, because it’s intriguing to see all the characters in different regions. I guess after they graduate from U.A., they could work anywhere on earth professionally now.

The last thing that has been stuck in my head since I stepped out of the theater is the soundtrack. Honestly, HOW CAN SOMEONE MAKE SUCH A GOOD MUSIC AND CHOOSE WHICH SCENE IS THE BEST FOR THE SONG TO BE PLAYED? When Deku and Rody were helping each other out while the rain was pouring, the song started playing and I was like, “boom, this friendship hits me real hard.” As soon as I arrived my house, I immediately grabbed my iPad, searched for the song on Youtube and added them to my favorite playlist on Spotify. I have been enjoying it for three days now. No doubt if the views get increased outstandingly because I’ve been crazily repeating it. The songs are  unstoppable.

Personal Rating:

Overall: As a MHA fan, I LOVE THIS MOVIE and I think it’s the best one compared to the other two. Only that I wish to see more U.A. students and the more badass villain like the League of Villains. That’s probably because Tomura is the antagonist in the main story, so I sort of stuck with his image.

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