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(J-Drama Review) Can’t Write! A Life without Scenario: A Relatable 8-Episode Series

P.S. This is a review after watching. There are perhaps some spoilers.

Can’t Write! A Life without Scenario caught my eyes by its outstanding title and the theme of screenwriter along with his talented wife working as a novelist. As you might know this by the tagline of my website, I love watching J-dramas a whole lot. But after I have finished Daddy is My Classmate and My Love Mix-Up 2021, I haven’t been addicted to any of them. Until three days ago, I was exploring my Netflix’s list and decided to watch this series. Turn out that it was the best choice ever!

Yoshimaru Keisuke, a screenwriter who has been out of work for over three months receiving a call to write for a TV Drama. He’s panicking, but can’t avoid his heart to embrace the opportunity. His wife is a diamond among the novelists. Because of this, he pours his blood, sweat, and tears in the script, so he could be reliable to the others as the same league as his wife. The workplace is also struggling. Every procedure is impulsive when it comes to writing drama script. In this series, you would see Keisuke and his creative blocks. He will loudly scream Can’t write! and it is truly a gimmick of this series. 

I had been enjoying this series to an extent that I finished it within two days. I mean Keisuke is a fun guy, but he doesn’t only hold this funny part of his. He thought that he was untalented and full of imperfection comparing to Nami, his wife. Who knows, in the end, everyone does. The story leaded me the the insightful thought that even Nami felt inferior to Keisuke when his drama keeps getting better every episode. The insecurity lies as soon as you start comparing yourself with the others, and Keisuke acknowledged this during the screenwriting process for his final episode.

When I mentioned that this series is relatable, I really mean it. I’m a reviewer on this website and it would be a lie if I say I don’t enjoy this hobby. However, there are some time when I want to write so badly for a brilliant anime or drama, but my brain couldn’t think of any ideas. My mind becomes blank, and it takes me several days to be back on track or to be full of inspiration again. Well, I admit that I assemble Keisuke a bit. I do shout Can’t write! when I run out of ideas too.

Don’t forget the skinhead man. He is an illusion, but he symbolized Keisuke’s weakness or low self-esteem. I really this part because it enabled me to observe the inner growth of Keisuke through the dynamic interaction between him and the skinhead man. In the beginning when Keisuke wasn’t confident enough to handle the script by himself, he was intensely scared of the skinhead man. At the end, Keisuke has changed. After coping with all of his work barriers, Keisuke calmly accepted the flaws he has which I think self-acceptance is one of the toughest thing to do. Keisuke looked much more mature even after knowing Nami’s hidden project. 

My favorite character is the tutor, Senkawa Shunya. I mean, he’s totally hilarious and his presence makes the series much more entertaining. He became part of Yoshimaru family naturally. He’s like an extra assistant to everyone, like a middle person who helps solving every mess one make. Actually, I’m also a private tutor, so his job is extremely relatable. So, his scenes just crack me up because my students react the same thing as Sora whenever I start chatting about life. I also find it amusing when Keisuke hired him to write his mind. Like what, this is beyond my hypothesis. I thought that Senkawa’s role would stick to be fall-in-love-secretly with Erika, but congratulations to all the screenwriter(s) of this series, you won. 

Kikuchi Fuma, if you come across this review blog, please know that your acting is excellent. I’ve been laughing along almost every scene you appear. So, I’m looking forward to seeing you more in the future dramas!

Personal Rating:

Overall: I give 5/5! No words to describe this. I enjoyed it so much, and I will rewatch it soon to boost my humorous soul. 

Available Platform: Netflix

Episode: 8 Episodes/23 minutes long (the first and last episodes are about 46-47 minutes long.)


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