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Anime Review: Spy X Family — Legendary Anya Memes

P.S. This is a review after watching. There are perhaps some spoilers.

I guess I might not need to do a review of Spy x Family, since there are numerous reviews out there on the internet. But, I can’t  resist my fingers to start typing on my laptop. I have heard of Spy x Family even before the anime got launched, and it was impressively popular since its manga series. After watching the first episode, I clearly understood the reasons of that…

Loid (Twilight as an alias) must succeed his latest assigned mission, Operation Strix. As a number one spy, he has to build a family to get closer to the mission. Funny enough, his newly married wife, or Yor, is the assassin while his newly adopted daughter, Anya, can read people’s mind. In Forger family, nobody knows each other’s secrets, except the little adorable Anya which makes the story provokes extreme hilarity and laughter.

The series is being released only an episode a week, and I am on the sixth. I pretty much enjoy the anime just like the other anime fans. Spy x Family is inclusive. It’s enjoyable, laughable, and heartwarming at the same time. Well, there are Anya’s memes everywhere on Twitter now, which I keep relentlessly retweeting. As far as I have watched entirely six episodes, here are my impressions:

You can be family regardless of your blood

The anime hasn’t revealed yet of what had happened to either the younger Loid or Anya. But, it seems like Loid and Anya have fulfilled each other perfectly. Loid hypnotizes, “This is just for the mission!” Obviously, we all know he cares so much for his little Anya. I was touched when she called Loid less formally as 父, not お父さん. I assume that perhaps Anya wants to be closer to her new dad. 

In episode 1, living with Loid as a spy could bring harms to Anya. Loid let her choose her own path and didn’t want to raise her for granted. Anya could just leave Loid to find the better new home. Even though Loid is a spy, who works behind the brightness to protect the peace of the world, Anya knows that his real identity is a protective and a very kind person. So, Loid is a dad that Anya sought to be with.

In episode 4, the housemaster treated Anya so badly. Loid and Yor protected their child professionally. They agreed not to let Anya achieve her education in such a prestigious school that doesn’t have empathy to children’s sensitivity. This impressed me wholesomely because I personally feel that. An unpleasant childhood experience can significantly leads to an adult’s trauma. 

There are many families out there whose homes aren’t their comfort zone. Some households are facing domestic violence, whether by physical or verbal. Spy x Family has proven to me that being  considerate and caring doesn’t require your blood line. A friend who understand you, listen to your deepest concerns, and contribute you to chase after your life goals. You might have already count this friend of yours as a title of family.


Every episode is the boundless memes

I don’t know yet about what would happen after this in Spy x Family. As far as it has been streamed, the Forger family has been showing us a full cup of wholesomeness and smiles. Anya has reached the max level of cuteness. No reasons why we have been seeing her adorable face all over Twitter feed! I guess because she could read minds as a telepath and a very young princess, she misunderstood what to actually do when she signaled the adults’ minds. That’s why those memes have emerged unlimitedly and became an anime legend.

Simultaneously, Loid has shifted from a cool and fearless spy into a clumsy dad. Anya is like another tough mission for him to handle, and he is strangely clueless of how to act when he sees his wife becomes a professional cow fighter. Comparing the episode 6 to episode 1, we see more of Loid’s gentle and warm-hearted sides. 


The opening and ending songs are “elegant”

Let’s talk about the opening first. There is some kind of cheerful rhythm in here. The only word I could catch was peanut. It’s just so genius that the writer can add word peanut signifying Anya’s favorite food into the song. Guess what, I don’t think only Loid and Yor adore her, the song writer(s) does the same as us. Actually, the Japanese band Official Hige Dandism singing this song also sang Yesterday (イエスタデイ) for the anime movie called Hello World. No surprise, both songs got into my Spotify playlist already. My ears are once again blessed by this god music.

The ending is just PERFECT! It’s ELEGANT! I listened to the song during the first episode after all the chaos. It was really touching as it played following Anya’s decision to stay with Loid. In the beginning, I was like “Wow, the song has got some mood.” But I read the translated lyrics, and I was completely speechless. It was written based on our Anya’s life. I’m not the manga reader, so I basically have no idea what happened to Anya. Including the reasons why she had few adoptive parents. 

The ending animation is well-made too. I really really love this part where Anya is standing aimlessly alone and Loid came to add colors in her life. At the same time, we could notice that Anya has added colors in both Loid and Yor’s lives too. 

Personal Rating:

Overall: 4.5/5! The another 0.5 got deducted because they only release one episode per week…

Available Platform: Netflix and iQIYI (I’m Thai, and I personally like the Thai subtitle on iQIYI more.)

Episode: Approximately 25 Episodes/24 minutes each

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