Meeting Loid Forger at Central Ladprao

June is happy!

For anyone who came across this post. This is not for anime review but just to express my joy. Last weekend, at B2S as usual, I met Loid Forger standee and I immediately told my friend to capture the moment. I have never been to any anime or manga fairs before. So this was my first time seeing a human-sized anime standee!

Located in Central Ladprao’s basement, the B2S zone is surrounded by all types of books you can purchase. Basically, I came here almost every weekend with my friend to check out the newly released BL manga. But it seemed like they have rearranged and have put those popular mangas like Haikyuu, Dandadun, SpyxFamily, etc, on the shelves. Impressively, all manga series of Haikyuu are on the shelves to buy, but I totally forgot the last chapter I ordered online… and it was at my house, not at my apartment…

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