Review: Overprotected Kahoko — A Girl and Her Overprotected Mother

"Now is the chance to overcome your own wall," said Kahoko's father.

This line has replayed over and over in my head. Overprotected Kahoko is simply not only about a young adult who’s spoiled by her parents. But, Kahoko is such a strong and courageous human being. She seems naive to this black and white world, but her positivity gratifyingly brighten up the others. 

All of the characters have their own barriers — fears. If you are brave to cross that fence, you are experiencing growth. For Kahoko, she lives in the box that was built by her parents. The intentions of this box is love, but it does regress Kahoko to be a fully grown tree with settled root. 

Her life totally differs from Hajime, abandoned by his mother and raised in the orphanage. We could say that, because he’s suffered along the way to adulthood, his soul is unwavering enough to explore the uncertainty and fight for his artistic passion. To be very honest, my life tended to be more on Hajime’s side. I mean, not exactly like him, but my parents let me be independent — choose my own path and responsible for whatever the outcome is. 

The point is, her parents prepare EVERY SINGLE THING for her, but deep down in her is lived a big and kind heart. It’s impossible for us, human, not to face any difficulties. Somehow, on a tough raining day, we need to be helped and receive cheers. Kahoko encourages people around her, but it means that she needs thousands when she is unsure to make big decisions. This is a perfect aspect given to us by this drama, and what makes J-dramas attractive for me. 

"Whatever happens, please sleep and eat well."

I AM MESMERIZED by Shodaisan, Kahoko’s grandmother. I have always wondering every time I have conversations with the elders, “What they have had experienced until now?” Shodaisan’s past had been on the rough road. Even if her relationship with family wasn’t in a good line, she managed to build such a firmly loving family with three daughters. 

The drama focused on all characters. I love that because I got to see big changes of character development. With the three daughters, they are all encountering hardship in different ways, which initially we couldn’t notice as everyone expressed their cheerfulness on the family gathering. I could say Masatakasan, Kahoko’s father, is an awesome dad, for me at least. He acknowledged the weakness of how he has raised Kahoko. He might be a coward at first to speak up to Kahoko’s mother, but along the way, he’s always been trying to solve the issue. I love that he sought for as-much-as-possible ways to include him in the family. Ultimately, he doesn’t only a reliable man for his daughter, but also for the others in this big family too. 

It’s a shame that Kahoko and Hajime’s love is not very reasonable for me. What I meant to say is that, everything happened so fast. They met, they talked, they fell for each other, and then they decided to marry! I was like, “Oh my lord,” when they asked for Kahoko’s parents for permission to get married. Every other family members agreed with them too even though they have met Hajime only like three episodes. I guess the stars got deducted from here…

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