“5 Pleasing-to-ears Japanese Songs” I Randomly Discovered on Youtube!

Today I am here to represent you all the best sweet-sounding Japanese songs that redundantly pressed the replay button on Youtube. Whether you are on a ride back home on a raining day or at a coffee shop with a perfect cup of latte, these lists are worth listening!

1. Yorushika — Spring Thief

The moment my ears absorbed the first beat of Spring Thief, I was like “Ooh, what a perfect-sounds!” The sounds of guitar and drum were distinct enough to make me shake my head forward. Suddenly, the mood have reversed after I watched the music video. I’m not Japanese, just an anime enthusiast, so it’s over my head to understand any words. The video was beautiful, but a sad story. To know more of the couple, I searched for the meaning. It seems like the couple had remarkable time with each other before, and then they separated. At the end, it seemed like a.) they got together again like how seasons change or b.) the girl had passed away as her boyfriend and the dog couldn’t sense her being at all. The music video deserved much more views and supports because I can actually feel the lively smiles and cries through the screen. 

If you have any points to discuss, please do it! I would like to know yours too. 

2. YOASOBI — Tsubame (ツバメ)

It is a must to say that “I have loved their songs. Tsubame wasn’t the first I listened to.” I got to know YOASOBI by their famous song called 群青 (Gunjou) from Blue Period. Tsubame just appeared to be the next songs on Youtube, I listened and then I just fell in love, very simple right!

I’m really impressed of the rhythm, the beat, and the hook part of this song. It’s stuck in my ears and hard to take it out! Especially around the ending, the kid voices are loud which makes a perfect combination. These adorable voices aligned with the music video so well in which a boy was the main character. The song relates to the future of children that might have been stolen by those who are selfish. It’s like they are asking those to be considerate of other hardships even just a little. With the children’s voices, the meaning is impactful, which the boy in the music video kept on looking up to the skyscrapers. Guess what, I have been really into the song and its powerful meaning. Thanks to YOASOBI. 


The fact that this songs are widely recognizable by Haikyuu fans. The version that I came across on Youtube is the moonlight version. Somehow, it’s such a shame that the song is currently unavailable to access. But that doesn’t make my soul waving at all. My heart is now as strong as a stone. If you are ready to be a Japanese anime, dramas, or artists fan, you must have already well prepared that some masterpieces won’t be available in your country! (😂)

The title indicates its overall meaning. Hikariare (光あれ) means let there be light. Concisely, it means let’s have hope for whatever lies ahead. The hope that you have would lead you (and people you love) to the right path. The original version encourages you to chase you goals in an energetic way like, “I’m a fighter, and I’m gonna win this game! Let me show the whole world what my soul can succeed!” The moonlight version is acoustic. It makes me feel like I’m the fighter too, but I will pursue my goals on my own way. As if the main quote for this version is — each flower has its time to bloom. Other songs from Burnout Syndromes that I pressed the like buttons:

4. SPiCYSOL — Traffic Jam

SPiCYSOL have made many great songs. The point is I cannot write much reviews in terms of meaning because there are none of lyrics my brain could translate. I couldn’t find the translated meanings of the songs much on the internet either. The only thing I could say is their songs are incredible and easy-listening. I let my heart listen to the rhythms. (Sorry guys *laughing*) You just have to try. Their songs are my great friend ride every morning on the metro to work. They have made my Bangkok work life live beyond aesthetic. I feel like I am the main character even though I understand nothing.

Traffic Jam was the first song of them that Youtube had randomly played to me. I was like WHAT IS THIS! IT’S MY TYPE! Afterwards, I subscribed to them on Spotify and other social medias. When they released an album, I just went on and listened. Language barrier is not a barrier to me to listen to joyful songs though. Other songs I like:

5. Nulbarich — TOKYO

The first time I listened to TOKYO, I was assuming that the song would be about admiring its city. However, the translation of the lyrics seems to represent people in the big city. I mean I’m not very certain when it comes to lyrics analysis. But it does resemble how I started my post-graduate life alone in Bangkok. Sometimes, I suffered and couldn’t hold my tears. I cannot give up or leave the city because my journey of reaching my dream is ongoing, but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been happy. 

For this song, the pre-chorus is addictive. I always wait for this part to come up and I don’t know why. The music video is captivating. Besides the city of Tokyo, people are focused. Their daily lives are represented differently. It makes me think that, while I’m working nine to five, there are other peers working for their dreams too. Guess that, we all are having hopes for the things we’re doing. Right guys?

These are the lists I would like to share to you all. For new visitors, greetings from enjoyfromthemoon! I’m June and I write about Japanese anime and dramas, which recently I’m been thinking about expanding my content. I will be writing about Japanese songs and Korean series as well, so stay tuned!


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