Review: Extraordinary Attorney Woo — An Attorney, Whales, and People

If you’re here to confirm, “Should I start watching this series?” or “Is it going to worth my time?” No need to hesitate because preciously, IT IS!

5/5 !!


Attorney Woo is a young genius who graduated from prestigious school in Seoul. She can recall every words she had read, which makes her outstanding in the court. Even though she was born with Asperger’s syndrome, she managed to solve complicated cases in creative process with the must-have empathy. 

In every episode, the show represents Woo’s intelligence in top form. By having autism spectrum disorder, Woo faced interaction problems. She awkwardly performed misunderstandings in communications sometimes and behaved confusingly in front of others.  

Woo Youngwoo and whales 🐳

Whales are Woo’s favorite things in the world (aside from Gimbap).  I thought that whales were merely her personal interests at first. Woo listened to whales sounds everyday while commuting to her office, and she inspiringly talked about them unstoppably. Once Woo started to compare whales to her life, I figured out that whales are like her good friends. Looking from the outside, Woo seemed to be only obsessed with laws and whales, but she actually has numerous things racing in her minds. It’s just that she struggles to sincerely unveil those clutters. She compared how whales take good care of its babies and insist not to abandon them in dangers. She sadly questioned that would her mother decided not leave Woo if she were a whale. This part makes me a little bit down as we never actually known what has been going on in this young woman mind. 

Woo Youngwoo and people

It’s very impressive how Woo prudently looks at things, contrasting to her action outside. In the first case, she proved that the old lady would be struggle financially if the court charged her for trying to kill her husband. 

Woo acknowledged exactly how people think about her because of autism spectrum disorder. It’s painful that she bottled up and said that Jun Ho would be unhappy and lonely with her. For Woo, it has been a complexity to act or to correspond in the right time. The story brightened a perfect point here, enabling us to sit in Woo’s mind. The relationship of Woo and Jun Ho is compared to human and the cat. Even if the cat acts careless sometimes, but it doesn’t imply that the cat doesn’t love its owner. 

The strong friendship between Woo and Suyeon is generously displayed. We may have questioned in the first glance about Suyeon’s kindness towards Woo. The lunch scene where Woo implied that Suyeon has been the spring sunshine to her make me tear up a bit, not going to lie about that. For Suyeon, I think it has proven to herself too that she truly cares about Woo, and not only because Woo has autism spectrum disorder.

At the end, I don’t think that only Attorney Woo who is extraordinary. I think that all the characters are. Junho is kindly generous, Suyeon is a powerful and a strong women, and  Minwoo is bold and impulsive, but he ultimately opened to change. Especially Woo’s father. He was a single father, leaving his dream behind and  raising his child excellently by his own. I wish to see him more during the scenes as he played a great role in Woo’s growth. 

Realistic reflections of the society

This series is extraordinary. Special, I mean. It’s not totally filled with romance, but awesome as it reveals the realistic conflicts of the society we’re living in. My favorite is episode 9, where a boy kidnapped kids from tutoring academy to play. I have always wondering why kids at that age are forced to study in those square rooms all day. I was wondering, but honestly I experienced that as well. It’s the age of playing, exploring, and having fun. The parents in the series were satisfied to see their little loved ones weren’t allowed to eat until they reached they daily academic goals too. 

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