Enjoy From The Moon (EJFTM) is a review website mainly about Japanese anime and dramas. This website was created in 2020 and has been being taken care by June, the owner of EJFTM. The name of EJFTM website derived from June’s thought of how much she enjoys watching Japanese anime and dramas. Every minute she watches them, she forgets all her stressfulness. The surroundings begin to gradually fade as if she’s enjoying the shows from the moon, far from all the turbulence and noises. For that reason, June hopes that all visitors would be able to discover incredible Japanese anime and dramas on EJFTM and enjoy watching them as she does.

About June:

  • June (21)
  • Owner and writer of EJFTM website.
  • Has a penchant for Japanese anime and dramas.
  • Love drinking Thai tea and hot mildly sweet coffee. 
  • Haikyuu and My Hero Academia are her favorites.

Meet the Pet Avatars!


  • Golden Retriever
  • June has been wanting a Golden Retriever. It’s not possible in her real life now, but on EJFTM website she can.
  • His name means the eldest son, so Taro is like a brother to Kenzo.


  • Calico
  • Her reference is from June’s neighbor’s cat. She loves visiting June’s house and taking a nap at the garden. 
  • Her name means healthy and wise.