(J-Drama Review) My Love Mix-Up 2021: What a Cute BL Series to Watch

P.S. This is a review after watching. There are perhaps some spoilers.

First of all, I would like to shout out to the world how glad I am that Japanese TV industry has been coming up with  their BL genre recently. There are many wholesome BL mangas out there, but very few of them are generated into animation and even fewer into dramas. My Love Mix-Up is one of them. It’s adorable, heartwarming, and worth watching. So if you have got some time to watch it, I highly recommend because of the powerful cuteness of its story. 

My love Mix-Up (Kieta Hatsukoi: 消えた初恋) is one of those mangas whose wonderful love story got chosen to be a drama. And you know what, the casts are as exact as the manga characters. If you take a glance at the manga cover and the series poster, you’ll probably mumble like “Did they just jump out of the manga?” and I could grasp this feeling of yours profoundly. You’ve got a friend here. 

My love mixed up is a story beginning with three classmates who are sitting close to each other. Aoki Sota has a secret crush for Hashimoto Mio, a girl sitting beside him. Aoki has been admiring her for quite a while until that day when everything gets exposed. Japanese girls believe that their loves would come true if they write their crushes’ names on an eraser and finish it. Aoki picks up a dropping eraser of Hashimoto with Ida Kosuke’s name on it. He swears to sip his mouth to keep his crush’s little secret love. But Ida, the guy who shouldn’t have seen this eraser eventually sees  and mistakes it as Aoki’s. Because of this misunderstanding, everything gets messier and their love gradually grows.

I had a great impression since the first episode. When Ida has mistaken Aoki’s love, he didn’t refuse it immediately. Instead, he asked whether it was alright for Aoki if he could have more time to consider Aoki’s feeling. Ida hasn’t been in love before, so it was definitely difficult for him to figure the situation out, especially that the confession was from a guy. However, he didn’t block himself out, but learn more about Aoki. This show Ida’s transparent kindness and consideration, which no wonder why Aoki fell for him afterwards. 


Both friends of Aoki and Ida’s sides are grateful. I have been expressing my gratitude to their presence through my IPad screen the entire time. Ida’s friends from the volleyball team are very supportive. They accepted who their friend loves and they didn’t question Ida’s personal relationship unless he preferred to talk about it. As much as Aida, Aoki best friend, I was surprised to a great extent when Aida knew about Aoki’s true feeling and he didn’t show any offensive reactions. This is a significant quality of being a best friend. I personally think that coming out takes a whole lot of courage, which most of the time people need their best friends to trust them, or they need someone to believe in them and someone to lean on when they feel weak. Aida was superb in this role. He was supportive and deeply understand his best friend. Finally, Hashimoto cannot be excluded as she has shifted from Aoki’s crush to Aoki’s sincere friend. In some BL stories, I don’t really understand why a girl has to be the antagonist whether she has malicious intention towards the protagonist or not. I’ve always been thinking that the protagonist and the girl can be good friend with each other and this drama let me admire this part.

Apart from this, I really like how the drama doesn’t solely focus on same-sex relationship, but more of the relationship diversity as we can see from both the main and side couples. We get to explore different relationships and the acceptance of people around them. To be honest, whenever I watch these kinds of supportive scenes, I feel fulfilled and thankful for these people because It must have been hard to tell their loved ones about their true selves.

The casts’ acting skill is no joke. Meguro Ren as Ida is beyond my expectation. There is a viral scene in which Ida teased Aoki by grabbing his hand into his own flap pocket over the internet. His eyes couldn’t lie. It tells how much Ida adores Aoki. Michieda Shunsuke expressed Aoki cute personality excellently as well with both facial expression and body gestures. Because of their acting skills, the two characters are vivid in the drama as if they were copied and pasted exactly from the manga. 

Personal Rating:

Overall: I give 5/5! I enjoy watching this series a lot, especially during my meals because it’s a 23-minute episode. 

Available Platform: Netflix

Episode: 10 Episodes/23 minutes long


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(J-Drama) Daddy is My Classmate: What I Like About This Series

Daddy is My Classmate (親バカ青春白書) is a Japanese TV series launched in 2020. The leading actors are Muro Tsuyoshi who performed an outstanding role in From Today, It’s My Turn and Nagano Mei. Muro acted as Obika Taro, an overprotective dad towards his daughter, Obika Sakura, acted by Nagano Mei. This series is truly heartwarming, but the majority is hysterically amusing.

The story starts off by showing Sakura checking on the administration announcement board. Obika, her dad standing beside her, expresses his overflowing happiness. But who knows, it isn’t merely a tear of joy for his daughter administration. Instead, it’s a scream of triumph for his own sake for being able to pass the test and to begin his university life again!

No doubt, Sakura is a little bit surprised that her dad wants to enroll with her. She might not consider this a strange situation, BUT HER OTHER CLASSMATES DO. It’s hilarious at this point to see their reactions when Sakura introduces Obika as her father. Absolutely, her friends think that Obika is overprotective like wrapping Sakura in the cotton wool.

❁ Obika has proved to us that his overprotectiveness has no difference than other parents’ ways of showing love.

The word ‘overprotective’ can be defined in varied meanings depended on each individuals. In Obika’s definition, he only wants to ensure that his daughter is safe from all the risks and uncertainty. He has been living with Sakura alone for over 10 years, so he considerately wants to give Sakura the best as much as he could.

However, there are some behaviors of Obika that I find inappropriate even though it’s funny on the series such as setting GPS of Sakura. The story portrays this as Obika’s love and care towards Sakura because he is able to help her and Hiroko at the club just in time. In real life, if my parents behaved the same thing as Obika, I would feel very awkward and sense the lack of freedom.

Obika’s Attitude towards fame and love as an adult.

Obika is a fiction writer. He has experienced the peak of fame in his career which steadily fell down afterwards. Negoro, one of Sakura’s friends, wants to be successful in his Youtuber career. Obika guides him and mostly warns him the pros and the cons of embracing fame. For this part, the series will reveal how Negoro handles his issues by having Obika’s backup.

Not only with Negoro, but Obika’s friendship with all Sakura’s friends grown up considerably. It depicts like a full-of-experience father giving life lessons to his four children living alone in Tokyo. I have to admit that his lessons are very wholesome.

Available Platform: Netflix

Rating From June: 8.5/10 ( I honestly has a penchant for this series. It’s heartwarming and comedic at the same time.)

Claps here to recommend other viewers to watch this series!

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(J-drama/contains spoilers) Taste of Tragic Revenge and Bittersweet Love Decision in Cursed in Love

Yesterday, I decided to watch Cursed in Love (私たちはどうかしている) on WeTV. I’ve been seeing this drama for a while on Facebook and Twitter. Especially that they have Ryusei on it, it attracted me to watch finally.

Cursed in Love takes place in Kogetsuan, a traditional Japanese confectionery store. It’s a drama about a woman named Hanaoka Nao, whom everyone knew her as Sakura, lost her mother 15 years ago by a mistaken suspicion on the leader’s death. It was a bittersweet love because Tsubaki, who was the same age as Sukura at that time, told everyone that Sakura’s mother committed the crime. Truthfully, Tsubaki was very young. He spoke only referring to what he had seen on the night prior the crime which his father were talking affectionally with Sakura’s mother in his room. Sakura and her mother got kicked out of the shop afterwards. Her mother passed away, and Sakura’s been living desperately with an entitle of The Killer’s Daughter on her. One day 15 years later, a guy anonymously appeared to deliver her mother’s letter. Sakura found out that her mother was innocent.

Sakura had an intense fear of the crime day. She avoided to face Kogetsuan’s family for a long time. Whether it was destiny or sin, she faced Tsubaki again to compete the confectionery which the winner’s confection would be placed on the customer’s wedding day. On that first day after 15 years, Tsubaki couldn’t remember her. However, he has a personal plan and asked her if she’s interested in marrying him. That’s when the revenge began and the first love reunited.

My Personal Impressions on Cursed In Love

1. The representation of delicacy of confection making with its profound meanings and the original Japanese tradition:

I love when they are telling the meanings behind all the sweets such as The Cherry Blossom Leaf indicating forever love and The Leaf with a Yellow Egg indicating Father Day. These confections also go well with the storyline which they indirectly reveal each character’s thought and feeling.

The Japanese tradition is represented in this drama very distinctively. The wooden shop, tea ceremony, and traditional clothes for examples. These elements could urge me to buy a ticket to Japan immediately after the pandemic is over. Yet, there are some parts that stand out from the story. I assumed at first that the story may be placed in the older years or era, but it isn’t. It seems to be quite modern observing by the smartphone and the laptop they use, but the yellow tone still makes it old. Though I concluded the time to be modern, it became vague because the characters also switched to use the old landline phone.

2. The uniqueness of each characters: 

Tsubaki’s mother is my favorite. I mean I did question her a lot throughout the drama. However, I do understand why she became very obsessive and vindictive. I agree with her when she talk spitefully to Sakura about why she wouldn’t forgive her parents for loving each other. Tsubaki’s mother married into Kogetsuan without knowing that the Head already had his secret partner. She found out later, and definitely her loyalty had been broken. I think if we’re in the same shoes as her, we would be the same.

In the end, it has been exposed to us all that she is actually a kind and genuine mother from the deepest of her heart. Only because of the desire to revenge and her husband’s disloyalty (which the drama represents him as not being disloyalty. He only loves Sakura’s mother with his whole heart), she walked into the wrong path. The story made Sukura’s mother to be the victim, yet I think Tsubaki’s mother is the victim too. The saddest part is Tsubaki who also had to suffer in this complicated revenge. He didn’t have even a single idea that his mother loves him until the end. (Plus, she’s so good at singing.)

Another character I like and admire is absolutely Tsubaki. Honestly, I was quite disappointed about the ending in which Tsubaki wasn’t selected to be the heir of Kogetsuan. I could know exactly by the storyline that the ending is made for Sakura. It was only that Tsubaki’s been working exhaustingly to win his grandfather in the past 15 years whom he knows insightfully that he isn’t related by blood. Well, it was merely a small piece of disappointment, but I’m happy anyway since both Sakura and Tsubaki will marry and own the store together. So, whoever has officially inherited the store, it doesn’t matter after this… (I smile crazily and I want to see what will happen more after they kissed at the bridge. You only give us like 5 minutes for the happy ending! )

In total, This drama is very entertaining. If you’re familiar with J-dramas produced by Netflix, the production here is quite different. I would say that Cursed in Love’s production is similar to An Incurable Case of Love (恋はつづくよどこまでも). These are unlike Alice in Borderland with those kind of cool songs and aesthetic.

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