My Top 2021’s Anime List ♥🐱

As 2021 is going to be a memorable past, and we’re entering 2022 soon, there are some amazing anime that I truly want to share it with you all. These three anime has been my friends, my family, and a beaming reflection of my loneliness. They’ve made my lonely soul bloom again after the show finished.

1. Kakushigoto / My Dad’s Secret Ambition


This anime hasn’t been widely recognized. However, if you have seen it on any platforms, including Netflix, I highly recommend you to give it a try. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Kakushigoto is about a father named Gotou Kakushi who works as a manga artist writing mainly about dirty jokes, and his beloved daughter named Gotou Hime. The first episode shows you the funny side of a dad who tries to veil his career to his young daughter. He told Hime that he is only an ordinary salaryman, absolutely, his colleagues are in this hilarious operation too.

Yet, there is a mystery of the reasons why Hime in high school looks sad and why their loving house in the story seems destructive. As the story goes by, you would realize that all the fun things of these lovely father and daughter are set in the past. We are here in front of the screen to find out what has happened to Kakushi as same as his wife or Hime’s mother.

The touching part is, because we have a chance to watch how Kakushi treats Hime with such love, it is hard to bear our eyes open and continue the rest of the story, especially when we’re fully aware that something happened to Kakushi. But let me tell you this, the ending is worth your waiting. It’s wholesome, unbelievable to describe, one of the master of all masterpieces in my opinion.

2. Violet Evergarden


One of the most beautiful stories I have ever watched. The anime was graceful, the story line is touching, and the songs are profoundly meaningful, even the soundtracks are blessed to your ears.

Violet Evergarden is a 14-year-old girl who used to be a soldier, or a human weapon, in a war under Gilbert Bougainvillea, her commander. The story began by showing Violet and Gilbert got injured in the war. They were both devastated. Violet lost an arm while Gilbert became an unknown, assumed as being dead by the others. The story is overflowed with questions and indescribable feeling when Gilbert refused help from Violet while being injured. Gilbert uttered the word ‘love’ for the first time. At that slightest moment, Violet had no idea what ‘love’ is. Because of this, we follow this little girl and find out with her: What does the word ‘love’ mean?

Violet longs for her one and only person, Gilbert. He remains unknown, but his last word was so memorable that she keeps seeking for its definition. Whether she could understand this word or not, we all get to see it in Violet Evergarden The Movie (the poster on the left side) which Violet is already eighteen years old . In season one and Violet Evergarden Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll, we gets to see Violet’s development as Auto Memory Doll, which the main responsibility is to travel around, type out what people actually feel on the letter, and send those pleasurable letters to the receivers. This job is challenging because Violet was initially unable to understand others’ feelings and emotions. She learns through her supportive colleagues and customers while traveling back and forth. Noted, my favorite customer is Ann Magnolia’s mother. I could say that the episodes about Ann along with her growing up scenes have pretty much filled my empty soul.

Lastly, we all understand the fact that Japan products, anime and Japanese songs are included, are hardly accessible outside Japan. Fortunately, all songs appearing on Violet Evergarden are available on Spotify including all soundtracks!

3. Komi Can’t Communicate


The two recommended anime series above are touching and heart-warming. Komi Can’t Communicate remains the heart-warming quality, but in an entertaining and extremely adorable way.

First of all, Komi Shouko is a high school girl who finds communication difficult. She starts panicking right at the beginning of saying “hello” to the others. Because of this, she hasn’t been with any friends even though she’s been wanting one. Until she entered high school and sat beside Tadano Hitohito, he could understand Komi’s situation and grasp most of the things Komi needs without Komi uttering any sounds. Since then, Tanado has been Komi’s first friend who helps her obtain 100 Friends goal!

Generally, this series doesn’t focus on Komi and Tanado’s romantic relationship that much. Instead, the majority part of this series shows Komi’s communication development and her friendship with the other classmates. So, it’s more of slice-of-life anime which is totally my type. However, it seems like Komi and Tanado’s relationship has been naturally building up as the story goes by. That’s why we must follow every single episode to find out how the two’s relationship is going to be and cheer up for the second season to come. If you cannot wait to see how the two’s relationship would grow, the manga version is available as well.

The funny thing is, the anime title is translated as ‘โฉมงามพูดไม่เก่งกับผองเพื่อนไม่เต็มเต็ง’ in Thai which means the beauty who isn’t good in communication and her strange friends (the word strange is used in the positive definition). The translated title expresses the story very well because Komi is surrounded by diverse friends with varied personalities such as Najimi who is a childhood friend of every student in the school, and Omoharu who lives as chuunibyou, believing in supernatural powers. Honestly, these people hold a great role in this anime series as they uplift the story to be more entertaining.

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Adam Silvera: They Both Die at the End — Review

Two teenagers are alerted by the Death-Cast, who calls to inform Deckers about their dying. All Deckers have less than 24 hours to fulfill their End Days after the calls. Some are fortunate enough, getting more time than the others to farewell. For some, the grim reapers are hastily chasing for their souls, and they leave without a goodbye. Mateo Torrez has been living his entire life in the shadow, unfulfilled and anxious to socialize. At the same time, Rufus Emeterio has been sinking into painful haunting memory of his family past incident, yet he’s fearless and truly courageous to live his life. On the Last Friend App, they both meet. Rufus opens up Mateo’s eyes to the lively world which Mateo has been putting it behind. Mateo gets his last chance to be who he always meant to be, with the recent person of his best people on earth , whom he wishes the clock would stop ticking for once.

❁ My Personal Point of View ❁

The book is slightly depressing for me, apparently because it’s about dying which I primarily acknowledged from the moment I decided to purchase it. The story is sweet and makes you beam because of these two people. Mateo is a gorgeous soul whom I’d like to be friend with and play silly games together. Rufus is also the one who’d come up to you and encourage your little bravery to live your life. Throughout my reading time, I felt as if I was Lidia and the Plutos, Mateo and Rufus’s best friends. The more you turn each page, the more intimacy you gain with them, and it’ll ultimately make you feel like you’re losing your friends too. Because of the great sentiment between the two characters and me, the story didn’t hit me to grieve at all until the last chapter which has gotten quite emotionally intense. Both of them don’t try to spend their last chance desperately. Instead, they begin their journey, adventurously explore everything, and engrave their last humorous laughs in everyone’s hearts. I didn’t try to get the lessons learned or moral story from the book at all. I was only rooting for them, and wished the best for them to finally LIVE THEIR LIVES.

The only part that is fairly ambiguous to me is the ending. It can be ironically assumed from how the story has been told, and I genuinely love the way the writer beautifully wrote the ending. There’s just a tiny bit of expectation from the deepest of my heart that it would be great too if it was written clearer. The language use is intelligible. There’s not much concern if English is not your first language like me. The vocabulary are in the average level and solely requires you to look up for some words.

Personal Rating: 5/5 (I’m typically not a persistent reader when it comes to novel. But this one has captivated me all along its journey.)

Recommendation Level: Highly Recommend!

❥ Claps to let the other readers know that you recommend this book too!

(J-dramas) My Eyes Welled Up to Tears: My Sister’s Soulmate and The Curry Songs

Hello on April, the fourth month of 2021. I hope every one of you is having an incredible month!

In the past month, I didn’t spend my time watching anime very much. Some of them I’ve finished, but probably they were not my type, so my hands were frozen to type a word. BUT, I’ve found a big box of treasure on Netflix. I watched wholly two J-dramas; Our Sister’s Soulmate (日本語で 姉ちゃんの恋人) and The Curry Songs (日本語で カレーの唄).

Our Sister’s Soulmate (日本語で 姉ちゃんの恋人)

This series is about a woman named Adachi Momoko whose parents passed away due to the car accident. She gave up on attending university and started working full-time at a craft and home store to raise her three brothers. The interesting thing is, she promised to her brothers not to have a boyfriend in the same workplace because her job is too important to lose. HOWEVER, she eventually fell in love with her “恋人” or “soulmate” who worked in the near division.

One day, she was responsible for the store’s upcoming Christmas decoration. She met Yoshioka Manato who was the representative of his division in the meeting. Yoshioka’s Christmas tree idea has caught Adachi attention a lot. Then, he was suddenly always in her eyes. They got to meet very often because of work and coincidence (to be honest, obviously destiny). The more they spent time with each other, the more Adachi learned about Yoshioka. They had feelings for each other. BUT, love is not always easy my peers. Yoshioka had a past secret which he didn’t want to take Adachi’s love for granted.

The two in the last episode.

I think the uniqueness of this J-drama is showing honesty as being Adachi and erasing the thick wall of the past as being Yoshioka. The story conveyed this meaning very brilliantly. Most importantly, Adachi did not give up on him because of his true honesty and kindness. She also explicitly expressed to him that her feeling for him was true. Yoshioka too, he finally met a good person. He learned well that it is a must not to lose that person.

Personally, I love this series so much. I couldn’t explain it in words. I think we’re all Yoshioka and Adachi in this enormous planet. We want someone whether it is a friend, a love one, or family, to accept who we are and the mistakes we’ve made. As a lonely and individual soul, someone that listen to us is totally and preciously important. More than this, when we want something to be clarify, like fighting with a friend or a family member, we want those people to be honest to tell us the reasons and how they feel towards us indeed.

The Curry Songs (日本語で カレーの唄)

For this series, I love it throughout all the episodes. I felt very heartwarming while watching, and when it reached to an end, I somehow felt very strange (If I talk about it here it would be a spoiler).

The story started off by showing Yoichiro hungrily stood in front of a curry shop. He was broke and unemployed, yet very passionate in curry. The story did not show his root from the start. But we knew it later on that he lived with his mother when he’s young, but for some reason, he grew up in the orphanage.

Yoshioka met Nita, a college student, who was sneakily drawing snails on the street. Nita was frightened to see him at first because he was afraid of being arrested by the police (drawing on the street is illegal). What brought them to meet again is the dropped watch of Nita. Hence, Yoshioka, whose appetite has been waiting for the curry, brought Nita to the shop and fool him to pay! I laughed my ass out when the ending song showed Yoshioka happily doing something in the apartment in the first episode. I was like ‘Wow, he finally have a place to settle!‘ But that was actually Nita’s apartment and later on Yoshioka lived there the entire series! (LOL)

Yoichiro! T^T

New dishes of curry are introduced in every episodes with life lessons from Yoichiro and there’s a reason why he loves curry so much. There are funny, sad, and heartwarming scenes in each episodes. And, I want to try the Indian curry the most after watching this. Yoichiro is really a gorgeous soul. I’m glad that after everything he has gone through, he met Nita and the others to fulfill his happiness. At the same time, everyone in this precious story is lucky to meet Yoichiro and have him once in their life. I’m very impressed with the ending actually. It just made me feel strange a little, but in a good way. It seemed like I was saying, ‘Thank you for everything’ in the last scene. Yoichiro cluelessly appeared in everyone’s life in the story. He gave them fun and pleasure times during that. Even it was only a short period, but me as a viewer, I felt the same too. I could totally understand how the other characters felt in the last episode.

Since I want to recommend you to watch, I won’t contain the climax spoilers in this post. These two are brilliant. It’s not a piece of cake to glue my mouth shut!) So, enjoy it on Netflix. If any of you have already watch these treasure, please comment down below. It is a pleasure for me to read too.

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