Blue Period (ブルーピリオド): Draw It, Paint It Out, Shout to the Blue You Value

“好きなものを好きだと言う 怖くて仕方ないけど 本当の自分 出会えた気がしたんだ”

(It’s terrifying to say what I like, but I finally met my true self.) — YOASOBI

Blue Period has officially premiered on Netflix (weekly updated). The story tells about Yatora Yaguchi, a high schooler whose life remains plain before he enters an art classroom. That was the time he authentically realized what has been hidden within him. All conceptual image he could think of, the brush he’d enthusiastically pick, and eventually, the color he’s able to choose for himself.

Then, what’s more important to a soul?

What a soul values, or what the society decides to be valuable?

What is this anime about?

Art school in Japan are expensive and Yaguchi’s parents cannot afford private college. But when a passionate soul pursues a dream, it’s unstoppable. This anime dedicates inspiration. It gets through your deepest heart and the question within you: A boy has discovered what he truly desires and he goes after it. What about you, the other soul lying on this mysterious world? What would you like to chase after and embrace?

Seeing Yaguchi putting every effort to art is motivating. You don’t have to be an artist or an art student to feel closely attached to this emotional aesthetics. I personally think the story can be well conveyed to anyone who desires to embrace their dreams, but are overwhelmed by fear to take action.

Is the anime different from manga version?

The manga version is detailed, respectively speaking, it gives you the strong passionate and enthusiastic atmosphere throughout reading. It talks about the process of making arts such as the principles of art. Subjectively, I think they added this process in detail to bring comprehension to people outside art industry. More than this, it is kindly explained to anyone having a particular perspective that making art is a piece of cake. In fact, it goes through countless processes before being exposed to the public (and I highly appreciate all artists for their hard work).

In anime, these details are removed for the most part. But, I insist to keep following the anime anyway since I couldn’t understand some parts in the manga which they get illustrated in anime instead. My imagination couldn’t visualize their paintings when reading the manga as I don’t experience the art-making process frequently, so, to see all arts in colorfully animated pictures is genuinely satisfying and fulfilling.

Plus, Yaguchi’s character is totally charming and impressive. He isn’t the kind of guy you meet very often in anime. He is assertive, but calm. Never forgetting Ryuji Ayukawa, or Yuka, who wears both girl and boy uniforms. Yuka knows who they are and want to be. The manga artist pinned an intriguing point here. I’m very impressive how their story will be told from now on.

Personal Rating: Currently 4/5 (will be updated after the series get completed)

Recommendation Level: Highly recommend! Both the manga and anime. They have different atmosphere, but both are excellent and worth watching.

Watch Blue Period Trailer Here:

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BEASTARS: The Victims of Naturally Being Predators and Preys (Full Spoiler Alert)

In the wild, it is well-known that one natural instinct of carnivores is to hunt for living. Their main dish includes meat which distinctively their bodies are made to perform so. The preys are called herbivores, eating plants and living in self-preservative. BEASTARS represents this term differently by showing how these predators and preys can live peacefully together in the society under the rigid laws controlling carnivores to solely consume vegetables. But instinct is instinct, and the carnivores’ thirst to hunt is inevitable. Some secretly keeps the rabbit’s blood in a small container to boost their energy, some chooses their path to the Black Market to illegally get their fresh meat, and some conceals his monster side, distorting his disastrous reality of killing his own herbivore friends.

Legoshi, a gray wolf, is a humble high school boy in Cherryton Academy and a member of the Drama Club. Because of his towering height along with his threatening appearance, he often gets the wrong impression from both the carnivores and herbivores. Legoshi is socially awkward sometimes. He doesn’t know exactly what and when to bring up a conversation and start making new friends, which increasingly contributing him to be perceived as a quiet and thirsty gray wolf. Without doubt, the Drama Club members suspect him of being one of the murderers of Alpaca Tem’s tragic death.

The story is getting more captivating when he fell in love with Haru, a rabbit and obviously a herbivore. The girl who almost got kill as his prey the first time they coincidently met. Fortunately, Legoshi managed to restrain his natural hunting instinct; otherwise, he would have felt guilty and ashamed his entire life for being as devil as the carnivore who was responsible for Tem’s death. All told, the first season focuses on the love barriers of Legoshi and Haru. Unlike the second season in which Legoshi investigates the murderer for the most part with less of Haru’s lovey-dovey scenes. Subjectively, I find the second season thriller and emotionally overwhelming in a great way.

Why Not Only the Preys Who Are the Victims?

It doesn’t matter whether carnivores and herbivores are represented in our actual world or in BEASTARS. It is solid that herbivores are the victims by the reason that they necessarily always need to escape from the wild predators. Still, carnivores are also unnoticeably the victims behind all those scenes in BEASTARS, not in terms of being the preys, but as the perception of all-time danger species in the society. They helplessly have natural sharp fangs, big built bodies, and stronger in physical ability. However, not all of them have an intense desire for animal flesh, and not every of predators are daredevil like Liz. As well as Bill, the bengal tiger. It became irritating for him every time a herbivore brought up a topic about how untamed the carnivores are, and how his Drama Club’s herbivore members pointed out at the carnivore members without proof as the suspects of Tem’s murder case. Truthfully, even though Bill put himself to the Black Market once and ate a meat, but he has uplifted his awareness to never kill his own herbivore friends. It was very adorable when he held hands with Alpaca Els, ex-crush of Tem, around the ending episodes. He has showed his faithful honesty towards his herbivore friends and gained trust.

Legoshi is in the similar situation as Bill. We can clearly see that he is a shy wolf, living his life in the shadow. He has no harm, and he frankly wants to be friends with herbivores more than anyone else. The undeniable difference from Legoshi and Liz’s characters is their perceptions from others, and their appearances play a significant part in this show. Even though both of them are carnivores, but Liz has some kind of soft and fluffy look as being a bear, which is the reason why the herbivores are unafraid to approach him. To be more exact, the herbivores would likely put Liz in the last name list of being Tem’s murderer.

Tragically, Tem, the real victim in this anime. His death has caused fear throughout the whole school, and even provoked the above to separate carnivores and herbivores into two certain classes. It was real tough when Tem said, ‘All carnivores are all monsters!’ which triggered Liz‘s underlying carnivorous instinct to burst out and finally caused himself to death. Tem was at fault in this part, for saying such an unkind speech, but the truth stays true about Liz’s unforgivable attitude. Liz didn’t admit to himself for uncontrollably attacking Tem. Instead, he distorted the crime scene and made up his beautiful memory which Tem willingly welcomed him to eat. As time went by and the plot got more intense, Liz was horrified about what he did, and he unquestionably deserved it.

Another character who is perhaps the best one so far is Pina, a white doll sheep. He showed his existence in the second season, but he was impressive enough to catch the majority of my attention. Pina is FEARLESS which makes him intelligently stand out from other herbivores that are generally symbolized fragility of being the hunted. Every time Pina speaks, everyone listens. His tongue is as sharp as a sword that could cut off the fights among the carnivores. His bravery is fairly contrasting to Louis, a red deer and the complicated past relationship of Haru. Pina is truly strong from the inside (As being showed in the second season, but there may be more about his background). Unlike Louis, who only acts courageous in front of others to show his leadership ability. Indeed, he stuck in his own emotional weakness and unforgettable bitter childhood past.

To sum up everything, I would proudly say that BEASTARS is one of the best shows available on Netflix. The animation may be unfamiliar to new viewers in the first few episodes, but they are unstoppable when you get used to it.

I would also like to give a big applause to YOASOBI for generously having this song. It sounds brilliant and almost brought me to tears. Every time I give my eyes this artistic visual work and my ears the song, it reminded me of the heartbreaking scene between Louis and Lion Chief.

(Anime Review) Traveling Back to Revenge in TOKYO REVENGERS!

I was very desperate after my final week and it was like searching for a needle in a haystack when it comes to starting a new fun anime. But, luck comes with a sharp eyes of mine. I found this anime called TOKYO REVENGERS on twitter feed at first. They’re legally streaming on Youtube by Muse Asia/Muse Thailand, so I immediately clicked and watched it to get away with my assignment boredom. Astonishingly, it turned out to be… FUN! FUN! and FUN! I’ve been watching them only 6 episodes, but they’re totally amazing. I’m so blessed. My soul has been saved from university assignments.

Now, let me introduce you to Tokyo Revengers which I only started watching them too (hahaha). It’s manga adaptation, and I don’t know any spoilers yet. However, this woman will drive you to the heaven of assignment freedom.


This anime is about a 26-year-old Takemichi Hanagaki whose life isn’t very exciting. He works at the CD store and lives pathetically in a thin wall room. One day, he watched the news and found out that his ex-girlfriend in middle school, Hinata Tachibana, died from the fight of Tokyo Manjikai Gang. Takemichi was quite familiar with the gang name because he was used by some of them when he was in middle school. The gang has expanded its cruel power in the society and caused Hinata to dead.

Accidentally, he was pushed into the railway to death in the following day. Takemichi has been to the past 12 years ago where he was still a boyfriend of Hinata. He met his love one and his old peers. More important that that, he met Naoto Tachibana in the past and told him to protect his sister on the exact day he heard the news. When they shook their hands to make a promise, Takemichi came back to the present world and one thing has changed! He met Naoto who supposed to be dead with Hinata! He learned that by telling the little Naoto to save his sister, he became a police and helped Takemichi from falling into the railway. Naoto at this point became a lead character which I didn’t expect too.

Now, Tachibana and Naoto discovered that their hands are a door to travel back time. They agreed to start saving Hinata’s life and began their first new mission to rewrite the future!

What interested me is the complicated plot… After 6 episodes of Tokyo Revengers, I was very curious why Hinata got killed and why Mikey (a guy whom Takemichi must meet for the first mission, but somehow he coincidently met him. Mikey plays a big role in Hinata’s death.) has changed from being a good gangster into a brutal one. I think there are many complexity waiting for me to follow including what have happened to Takemichi’s friends after his graduation. I cannot say much about this mind-blowing anime yet because it’s been only 6 episodes and I’m not following the manga. But, I’m very confident that Takemichi can absolutely changed the future!