Blue Period (ブルーピリオド): Draw It, Paint It Out, Shout to the Blue You Value

“好きなものを好きだと言う 怖くて仕方ないけど 本当の自分 出会えた気がしたんだ”

(It’s terrifying to say what I like, but I finally met my true self.) — YOASOBI

Blue Period has officially premiered on Netflix (weekly updated). The story tells about Yatora Yaguchi, a high schooler whose life remains plain before he enters an art classroom. That was the time he authentically realized what has been hidden within him. All conceptual image he could think of, the brush he’d enthusiastically pick, and eventually, the color he’s able to choose for himself.

Then, what’s more important to a soul?

What a soul values, or what the society decides to be valuable?

What is this anime about?

Art school in Japan are expensive and Yaguchi’s parents cannot afford private college. But when a passionate soul pursues a dream, it’s unstoppable. This anime dedicates inspiration. It gets through your deepest heart and the question within you: A boy has discovered what he truly desires and he goes after it. What about you, the other soul lying on this mysterious world? What would you like to chase after and embrace?

Seeing Yaguchi putting every effort to art is motivating. You don’t have to be an artist or an art student to feel closely attached to this emotional aesthetics. I personally think the story can be well conveyed to anyone who desires to embrace their dreams, but are overwhelmed by fear to take action.

Is the anime different from manga version?

The manga version is detailed, respectively speaking, it gives you the strong passionate and enthusiastic atmosphere throughout reading. It talks about the process of making arts such as the principles of art. Subjectively, I think they added this process in detail to bring comprehension to people outside art industry. More than this, it is kindly explained to anyone having a particular perspective that making art is a piece of cake. In fact, it goes through countless processes before being exposed to the public (and I highly appreciate all artists for their hard work).

In anime, these details are removed for the most part. But, I insist to keep following the anime anyway since I couldn’t understand some parts in the manga which they get illustrated in anime instead. My imagination couldn’t visualize their paintings when reading the manga as I don’t experience the art-making process frequently, so, to see all arts in colorfully animated pictures is genuinely satisfying and fulfilling.

Plus, Yaguchi’s character is totally charming and impressive. He isn’t the kind of guy you meet very often in anime. He is assertive, but calm. Never forgetting Ryuji Ayukawa, or Yuka, who wears both girl and boy uniforms. Yuka knows who they are and want to be. The manga artist pinned an intriguing point here. I’m very impressive how their story will be told from now on.

Personal Rating: Currently 4/5 (will be updated after the series get completed)

Recommendation Level: Highly recommend! Both the manga and anime. They have different atmosphere, but both are excellent and worth watching.

Watch Blue Period Trailer Here:

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(J-drama/contains spoilers) Taste of Tragic Revenge and Bittersweet Love Decision in Cursed in Love

Yesterday, I decided to watch Cursed in Love (私たちはどうかしている) on WeTV. I’ve been seeing this drama for a while on Facebook and Twitter. Especially that they have Ryusei on it, it attracted me to watch finally.

Cursed in Love takes place in Kogetsuan, a traditional Japanese confectionery store. It’s a drama about a woman named Hanaoka Nao, whom everyone knew her as Sakura, lost her mother 15 years ago by a mistaken suspicion on the leader’s death. It was a bittersweet love because Tsubaki, who was the same age as Sukura at that time, told everyone that Sakura’s mother committed the crime. Truthfully, Tsubaki was very young. He spoke only referring to what he had seen on the night prior the crime which his father were talking affectionally with Sakura’s mother in his room. Sakura and her mother got kicked out of the shop afterwards. Her mother passed away, and Sakura’s been living desperately with an entitle of The Killer’s Daughter on her. One day 15 years later, a guy anonymously appeared to deliver her mother’s letter. Sakura found out that her mother was innocent.

Sakura had an intense fear of the crime day. She avoided to face Kogetsuan’s family for a long time. Whether it was destiny or sin, she faced Tsubaki again to compete the confectionery which the winner’s confection would be placed on the customer’s wedding day. On that first day after 15 years, Tsubaki couldn’t remember her. However, he has a personal plan and asked her if she’s interested in marrying him. That’s when the revenge began and the first love reunited.

My Personal Impressions on Cursed In Love

1. The representation of delicacy of confection making with its profound meanings and the original Japanese tradition:

I love when they are telling the meanings behind all the sweets such as The Cherry Blossom Leaf indicating forever love and The Leaf with a Yellow Egg indicating Father Day. These confections also go well with the storyline which they indirectly reveal each character’s thought and feeling.

The Japanese tradition is represented in this drama very distinctively. The wooden shop, tea ceremony, and traditional clothes for examples. These elements could urge me to buy a ticket to Japan immediately after the pandemic is over. Yet, there are some parts that stand out from the story. I assumed at first that the story may be placed in the older years or era, but it isn’t. It seems to be quite modern observing by the smartphone and the laptop they use, but the yellow tone still makes it old. Though I concluded the time to be modern, it became vague because the characters also switched to use the old landline phone.

2. The uniqueness of each characters: 

Tsubaki’s mother is my favorite. I mean I did question her a lot throughout the drama. However, I do understand why she became very obsessive and vindictive. I agree with her when she talk spitefully to Sakura about why she wouldn’t forgive her parents for loving each other. Tsubaki’s mother married into Kogetsuan without knowing that the Head already had his secret partner. She found out later, and definitely her loyalty had been broken. I think if we’re in the same shoes as her, we would be the same.

In the end, it has been exposed to us all that she is actually a kind and genuine mother from the deepest of her heart. Only because of the desire to revenge and her husband’s disloyalty (which the drama represents him as not being disloyalty. He only loves Sakura’s mother with his whole heart), she walked into the wrong path. The story made Sukura’s mother to be the victim, yet I think Tsubaki’s mother is the victim too. The saddest part is Tsubaki who also had to suffer in this complicated revenge. He didn’t have even a single idea that his mother loves him until the end. (Plus, she’s so good at singing.)

Another character I like and admire is absolutely Tsubaki. Honestly, I was quite disappointed about the ending in which Tsubaki wasn’t selected to be the heir of Kogetsuan. I could know exactly by the storyline that the ending is made for Sakura. It was only that Tsubaki’s been working exhaustingly to win his grandfather in the past 15 years whom he knows insightfully that he isn’t related by blood. Well, it was merely a small piece of disappointment, but I’m happy anyway since both Sakura and Tsubaki will marry and own the store together. So, whoever has officially inherited the store, it doesn’t matter after this… (I smile crazily and I want to see what will happen more after they kissed at the bridge. You only give us like 5 minutes for the happy ending! )

In total, This drama is very entertaining. If you’re familiar with J-dramas produced by Netflix, the production here is quite different. I would say that Cursed in Love’s production is similar to An Incurable Case of Love (恋はつづくよどこまでも). These are unlike Alice in Borderland with those kind of cool songs and aesthetic.

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(J-dramas) My Eyes Welled Up to Tears: My Sister’s Soulmate and The Curry Songs

Hello on April, the fourth month of 2021. I hope every one of you is having an incredible month!

In the past month, I didn’t spend my time watching anime very much. Some of them I’ve finished, but probably they were not my type, so my hands were frozen to type a word. BUT, I’ve found a big box of treasure on Netflix. I watched wholly two J-dramas; Our Sister’s Soulmate (日本語で 姉ちゃんの恋人) and The Curry Songs (日本語で カレーの唄).

Our Sister’s Soulmate (日本語で 姉ちゃんの恋人)

This series is about a woman named Adachi Momoko whose parents passed away due to the car accident. She gave up on attending university and started working full-time at a craft and home store to raise her three brothers. The interesting thing is, she promised to her brothers not to have a boyfriend in the same workplace because her job is too important to lose. HOWEVER, she eventually fell in love with her “恋人” or “soulmate” who worked in the near division.

One day, she was responsible for the store’s upcoming Christmas decoration. She met Yoshioka Manato who was the representative of his division in the meeting. Yoshioka’s Christmas tree idea has caught Adachi attention a lot. Then, he was suddenly always in her eyes. They got to meet very often because of work and coincidence (to be honest, obviously destiny). The more they spent time with each other, the more Adachi learned about Yoshioka. They had feelings for each other. BUT, love is not always easy my peers. Yoshioka had a past secret which he didn’t want to take Adachi’s love for granted.

The two in the last episode.

I think the uniqueness of this J-drama is showing honesty as being Adachi and erasing the thick wall of the past as being Yoshioka. The story conveyed this meaning very brilliantly. Most importantly, Adachi did not give up on him because of his true honesty and kindness. She also explicitly expressed to him that her feeling for him was true. Yoshioka too, he finally met a good person. He learned well that it is a must not to lose that person.

Personally, I love this series so much. I couldn’t explain it in words. I think we’re all Yoshioka and Adachi in this enormous planet. We want someone whether it is a friend, a love one, or family, to accept who we are and the mistakes we’ve made. As a lonely and individual soul, someone that listen to us is totally and preciously important. More than this, when we want something to be clarify, like fighting with a friend or a family member, we want those people to be honest to tell us the reasons and how they feel towards us indeed.

The Curry Songs (日本語で カレーの唄)

For this series, I love it throughout all the episodes. I felt very heartwarming while watching, and when it reached to an end, I somehow felt very strange (If I talk about it here it would be a spoiler).

The story started off by showing Yoichiro hungrily stood in front of a curry shop. He was broke and unemployed, yet very passionate in curry. The story did not show his root from the start. But we knew it later on that he lived with his mother when he’s young, but for some reason, he grew up in the orphanage.

Yoshioka met Nita, a college student, who was sneakily drawing snails on the street. Nita was frightened to see him at first because he was afraid of being arrested by the police (drawing on the street is illegal). What brought them to meet again is the dropped watch of Nita. Hence, Yoshioka, whose appetite has been waiting for the curry, brought Nita to the shop and fool him to pay! I laughed my ass out when the ending song showed Yoshioka happily doing something in the apartment in the first episode. I was like ‘Wow, he finally have a place to settle!‘ But that was actually Nita’s apartment and later on Yoshioka lived there the entire series! (LOL)

Yoichiro! T^T

New dishes of curry are introduced in every episodes with life lessons from Yoichiro and there’s a reason why he loves curry so much. There are funny, sad, and heartwarming scenes in each episodes. And, I want to try the Indian curry the most after watching this. Yoichiro is really a gorgeous soul. I’m glad that after everything he has gone through, he met Nita and the others to fulfill his happiness. At the same time, everyone in this precious story is lucky to meet Yoichiro and have him once in their life. I’m very impressed with the ending actually. It just made me feel strange a little, but in a good way. It seemed like I was saying, ‘Thank you for everything’ in the last scene. Yoichiro cluelessly appeared in everyone’s life in the story. He gave them fun and pleasure times during that. Even it was only a short period, but me as a viewer, I felt the same too. I could totally understand how the other characters felt in the last episode.

Since I want to recommend you to watch, I won’t contain the climax spoilers in this post. These two are brilliant. It’s not a piece of cake to glue my mouth shut!) So, enjoy it on Netflix. If any of you have already watch these treasure, please comment down below. It is a pleasure for me to read too.

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