My Top 2021’s Anime List ♥🐱

As 2021 is going to be a memorable past, and we’re entering 2022 soon, there are some amazing anime that I truly want to share it with you all. These three anime has been my friends, my family, and a beaming reflection of my loneliness. They’ve made my lonely soul bloom again after the show finished.

1. Kakushigoto / My Dad’s Secret Ambition


This anime hasn’t been widely recognized. However, if you have seen it on any platforms, including Netflix, I highly recommend you to give it a try. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Kakushigoto is about a father named Gotou Kakushi who works as a manga artist writing mainly about dirty jokes, and his beloved daughter named Gotou Hime. The first episode shows you the funny side of a dad who tries to veil his career to his young daughter. He told Hime that he is only an ordinary salaryman, absolutely, his colleagues are in this hilarious operation too.

Yet, there is a mystery of the reasons why Hime in high school looks sad and why their loving house in the story seems destructive. As the story goes by, you would realize that all the fun things of these lovely father and daughter are set in the past. We are here in front of the screen to find out what has happened to Kakushi as same as his wife or Hime’s mother.

The touching part is, because we have a chance to watch how Kakushi treats Hime with such love, it is hard to bear our eyes open and continue the rest of the story, especially when we’re fully aware that something happened to Kakushi. But let me tell you this, the ending is worth your waiting. It’s wholesome, unbelievable to describe, one of the master of all masterpieces in my opinion.

2. Violet Evergarden


One of the most beautiful stories I have ever watched. The anime was graceful, the story line is touching, and the songs are profoundly meaningful, even the soundtracks are blessed to your ears.

Violet Evergarden is a 14-year-old girl who used to be a soldier, or a human weapon, in a war under Gilbert Bougainvillea, her commander. The story began by showing Violet and Gilbert got injured in the war. They were both devastated. Violet lost an arm while Gilbert became an unknown, assumed as being dead by the others. The story is overflowed with questions and indescribable feeling when Gilbert refused help from Violet while being injured. Gilbert uttered the word ‘love’ for the first time. At that slightest moment, Violet had no idea what ‘love’ is. Because of this, we follow this little girl and find out with her: What does the word ‘love’ mean?

Violet longs for her one and only person, Gilbert. He remains unknown, but his last word was so memorable that she keeps seeking for its definition. Whether she could understand this word or not, we all get to see it in Violet Evergarden The Movie (the poster on the left side) which Violet is already eighteen years old . In season one and Violet Evergarden Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll, we gets to see Violet’s development as Auto Memory Doll, which the main responsibility is to travel around, type out what people actually feel on the letter, and send those pleasurable letters to the receivers. This job is challenging because Violet was initially unable to understand others’ feelings and emotions. She learns through her supportive colleagues and customers while traveling back and forth. Noted, my favorite customer is Ann Magnolia’s mother. I could say that the episodes about Ann along with her growing up scenes have pretty much filled my empty soul.

Lastly, we all understand the fact that Japan products, anime and Japanese songs are included, are hardly accessible outside Japan. Fortunately, all songs appearing on Violet Evergarden are available on Spotify including all soundtracks!

3. Komi Can’t Communicate


The two recommended anime series above are touching and heart-warming. Komi Can’t Communicate remains the heart-warming quality, but in an entertaining and extremely adorable way.

First of all, Komi Shouko is a high school girl who finds communication difficult. She starts panicking right at the beginning of saying “hello” to the others. Because of this, she hasn’t been with any friends even though she’s been wanting one. Until she entered high school and sat beside Tadano Hitohito, he could understand Komi’s situation and grasp most of the things Komi needs without Komi uttering any sounds. Since then, Tanado has been Komi’s first friend who helps her obtain 100 Friends goal!

Generally, this series doesn’t focus on Komi and Tanado’s romantic relationship that much. Instead, the majority part of this series shows Komi’s communication development and her friendship with the other classmates. So, it’s more of slice-of-life anime which is totally my type. However, it seems like Komi and Tanado’s relationship has been naturally building up as the story goes by. That’s why we must follow every single episode to find out how the two’s relationship is going to be and cheer up for the second season to come. If you cannot wait to see how the two’s relationship would grow, the manga version is available as well.

The funny thing is, the anime title is translated as ‘โฉมงามพูดไม่เก่งกับผองเพื่อนไม่เต็มเต็ง’ in Thai which means the beauty who isn’t good in communication and her strange friends (the word strange is used in the positive definition). The translated title expresses the story very well because Komi is surrounded by diverse friends with varied personalities such as Najimi who is a childhood friend of every student in the school, and Omoharu who lives as chuunibyou, believing in supernatural powers. Honestly, these people hold a great role in this anime series as they uplift the story to be more entertaining.

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Blue Period (ブルーピリオド): Draw It, Paint It Out, Shout to the Blue You Value

“好きなものを好きだと言う 怖くて仕方ないけど 本当の自分 出会えた気がしたんだ”

(It’s terrifying to say what I like, but I finally met my true self.) — YOASOBI

Blue Period has officially premiered on Netflix (weekly updated). The story tells about Yatora Yaguchi, a high schooler whose life remains plain before he enters an art classroom. That was the time he authentically realized what has been hidden within him. All conceptual image he could think of, the brush he’d enthusiastically pick, and eventually, the color he’s able to choose for himself.

Then, what’s more important to a soul?

What a soul values, or what the society decides to be valuable?

What is this anime about?

Art school in Japan are expensive and Yaguchi’s parents cannot afford private college. But when a passionate soul pursues a dream, it’s unstoppable. This anime dedicates inspiration. It gets through your deepest heart and the question within you: A boy has discovered what he truly desires and he goes after it. What about you, the other soul lying on this mysterious world? What would you like to chase after and embrace?

Seeing Yaguchi putting every effort to art is motivating. You don’t have to be an artist or an art student to feel closely attached to this emotional aesthetics. I personally think the story can be well conveyed to anyone who desires to embrace their dreams, but are overwhelmed by fear to take action.

Is the anime different from manga version?

The manga version is detailed, respectively speaking, it gives you the strong passionate and enthusiastic atmosphere throughout reading. It talks about the process of making arts such as the principles of art. Subjectively, I think they added this process in detail to bring comprehension to people outside art industry. More than this, it is kindly explained to anyone having a particular perspective that making art is a piece of cake. In fact, it goes through countless processes before being exposed to the public (and I highly appreciate all artists for their hard work).

In anime, these details are removed for the most part. But, I insist to keep following the anime anyway since I couldn’t understand some parts in the manga which they get illustrated in anime instead. My imagination couldn’t visualize their paintings when reading the manga as I don’t experience the art-making process frequently, so, to see all arts in colorfully animated pictures is genuinely satisfying and fulfilling.

Plus, Yaguchi’s character is totally charming and impressive. He isn’t the kind of guy you meet very often in anime. He is assertive, but calm. Never forgetting Ryuji Ayukawa, or Yuka, who wears both girl and boy uniforms. Yuka knows who they are and want to be. The manga artist pinned an intriguing point here. I’m very impressive how their story will be told from now on.

Personal Rating: Currently 4/5 (will be updated after the series get completed)

Recommendation Level: Highly recommend! Both the manga and anime. They have different atmosphere, but both are excellent and worth watching.

Watch Blue Period Trailer Here:

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(Anime Review) Traveling Back to Revenge in TOKYO REVENGERS!

I was very desperate after my final week and it was like searching for a needle in a haystack when it comes to starting a new fun anime. But, luck comes with a sharp eyes of mine. I found this anime called TOKYO REVENGERS on twitter feed at first. They’re legally streaming on Youtube by Muse Asia/Muse Thailand, so I immediately clicked and watched it to get away with my assignment boredom. Astonishingly, it turned out to be… FUN! FUN! and FUN! I’ve been watching them only 6 episodes, but they’re totally amazing. I’m so blessed. My soul has been saved from university assignments.

Now, let me introduce you to Tokyo Revengers which I only started watching them too (hahaha). It’s manga adaptation, and I don’t know any spoilers yet. However, this woman will drive you to the heaven of assignment freedom.


This anime is about a 26-year-old Takemichi Hanagaki whose life isn’t very exciting. He works at the CD store and lives pathetically in a thin wall room. One day, he watched the news and found out that his ex-girlfriend in middle school, Hinata Tachibana, died from the fight of Tokyo Manjikai Gang. Takemichi was quite familiar with the gang name because he was used by some of them when he was in middle school. The gang has expanded its cruel power in the society and caused Hinata to dead.

Accidentally, he was pushed into the railway to death in the following day. Takemichi has been to the past 12 years ago where he was still a boyfriend of Hinata. He met his love one and his old peers. More important that that, he met Naoto Tachibana in the past and told him to protect his sister on the exact day he heard the news. When they shook their hands to make a promise, Takemichi came back to the present world and one thing has changed! He met Naoto who supposed to be dead with Hinata! He learned that by telling the little Naoto to save his sister, he became a police and helped Takemichi from falling into the railway. Naoto at this point became a lead character which I didn’t expect too.

Now, Tachibana and Naoto discovered that their hands are a door to travel back time. They agreed to start saving Hinata’s life and began their first new mission to rewrite the future!

What interested me is the complicated plot… After 6 episodes of Tokyo Revengers, I was very curious why Hinata got killed and why Mikey (a guy whom Takemichi must meet for the first mission, but somehow he coincidently met him. Mikey plays a big role in Hinata’s death.) has changed from being a good gangster into a brutal one. I think there are many complexity waiting for me to follow including what have happened to Takemichi’s friends after his graduation. I cannot say much about this mind-blowing anime yet because it’s been only 6 episodes and I’m not following the manga. But, I’m very confident that Takemichi can absolutely changed the future!

(Anime Review) When Love Is Too Hard to Confess in Kaguya-sama: Love is war

What Kaguya-sama: Love is war is about? Let me tell you about this romantic comedy anime a little! The story started by Shirogane and Kaguya, a president and a vice president of student council, are secretly in love with each other. However, they could not admit themselves to confess first! Because of this uneasy confession situation, they hilariously started critical emotional games that could possibly lead to confession.

The two main lead characters have absolutely done a perfect job, well-designed in both personalities and background life stories. In each episodes, Shirogane and Kaguya always figure genius methods out to defeat each other in this love war. As I watched through all the two seasons, I think the earlier episodes focus on winning the confession. However, the latter episodes in season one and two concentrates more on their true feelings and other characters’ stories. In the second season, the two lovebirds start showing blushed faces and sweet conversations, which obviously reveal their romantically feelings towards each other.

Instead of only focusing on lead characters’ loving circumstances, other members of student council have their own background stories. A good example to talk about is Ishigami (dark blue hair guy). Shirogane counts on him very much which I have assumed in the first place that he must be a good guy. Even so, I was quite ambiguous to see him all alone and exclude from other students. But, the answer is revealed in season two. I got to know the reasons why. Definitely, I became more and more impressed and love this anime so much.

Lastly, we can’t skip Chika (pink hair cute girl). Most of the animation I watch, I haven’t seen much of female protagonist’s friend acting as a supportive peer to the male protagonist. Some of them somehow rather fall in love with the male lead characters and eventually have a serious conflict with the female protagonists. When I think about this complicated anime plot, I want to close my eyes and perceive nothing because it hurts me so much. Anyway, this won’t happen here! No bestie drama! No conflicts! Chika acts as a very helpful and funny companion in the story, not as a cupid though. During the loving scenes, she is designed to humorously interrupt the unofficial couple which makes me unstoppably laugh.

(Here is Chika as a mother of Shirogane. She has been training our boy to play volleyball and dance Soran Bushi!)

I watched the whole two seasons within 2 days… First, to release stress that I don’t really have. I just needed an excuse to procrastinate university assignments. Second, I watched the first episode and I laugh my ass off. I kept pressing the ‘next episode’ button on Netflix. Lastly, I must inform you that Kaguya-sama: Love is war has been actually published first as manga. If you can’t wait for the next season, which I’m unsure it will be made or not, manga version is available for you to grab!


(Anime Review) Hello World: A New World to Save the Love’s One

Yesterday, I was looking up for new recommendation on Netflix (since COVID-19 started to spread again in my country, I’ve got nothing to do..) I found Hello World movie animation with the total length of 1 hours 33 minutes. It is about a teenage boy and a man claiming to be his future self who came to the past to let the boy save his lover. To be honest, there weren’t much reviews about this anime both on blog reviews and twitter feeds. Today I made a review for anyone who’ve seen the title on Netflix but they hesitate to watch. This contains no spoilers, feel free to read it!

Hello World is a sci-fi animation with unforeseen plot twists. Yes, I intently wrote plot twists with an ‘s’ because at the end of it, I was like “Wow, this is beyond my expectation.” The storyline is well-made. I watched it without seeing the trailer and my mind uttered the word ‘wow’ for countless of times throughout the entire movie. After I finished the movie, there was plenty of conclusions in my mind. I had to look up for the clear answers of my questions about the movie. Somehow everyone has different ideas. We perceived it in various conclusions which made me feel more impressed about the storyline.

Picture is from twitter @helloWorldAnime.

The visualisation is very unique. If you watch it, you will see the similar visualisation as in idol anime. I think it’s quite great and I enjoyed the movie very much. However, some people don’t like it. As I looked through comments on internet, many people commented that the plot is brilliant, but the visuals drops it away.

Lastly, the theme song is masterpiece. I found this randomly on Spotify. So when I heard this in the film, I was like, “Wait, I knew this song.”